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31,5-31.8 mm Hoffmann frame for mini+


In the Netherlands, in contrast of our neighbors in Germany we work with a comb distance of 38.5 mm. In Germany and nowadays also more often in the Netherlands with a distance of 35 mm.

With our small bees we go even further back to 31.5-31.8 mm. This means that 10, 11 and 12 frames fit next to each other in a 'Spaarkast' hive.

Frames closer together ensure a more compact breeding nest, so that the temperature is also higher. The breeding nest is also easier to keep at the right temperature with fewer bees. We use 31.5-31.8 mm Hoffmann frames for this.



Standard-frame 'Spaarkast' hive 21 mm with separate closing block (197 mm x 338 mm x 21 mm) made of two plywood plates 4 mm thick and 13 mm spacers


With 11 frames (35 mm) and 12 frames (31.5-31.8 mm) there is at least 1 closing frame (30.5 mm). 2 closing frames are often used. We make a closing frame narrower, namely 21 mm. This is to prevent the 12 frames from becoming too tight.

Please note: Hoffmann frame 30.5 mm has been replaced by standard frame Savings box 21 mm. This saves a lot of annoyance during spring inspection.


 spaarkast geleiderail

Smooth stainless steel rails


The frames hang on smooth stainless steel distance rails.






"spaarkast"hive with 11 hatchery frames and 1 closing frame

11 frames (31.5-31.8 mm) and 1 closing frame (21 mm). We use at least 1 closing frame that is removed first during work and replaced last.